Wim Delvoye “Rorschach” presented at Galerie Perrotin from 12 May to 16 June 2012


Galerie Perrotin presents Wim Delvoye’s third solo show
entitled “Rorschach” from 12 May to 16 June 2012, at the
Gallery, echoing the exhibition “Au Louvre” from 31 May to 17
September 2012.
Wim Delvoye has developed an art that offers a reinterpretation
of artworks of the past while laying down a lucid and
amused glance at contemporary society. He explores art history,
Gothic cathedrals and sculptures of the 19th century, from
Bosch and Brueghel to Warhol, simultaneously revealing the
beauty of daily objects. With a Baroque gesture between homage
and irreverence, he appropriates and deforms the motifs
that inspire him.
A new series of bronze sculptures, of which some can also
be seen “Au Louvre” mirroring themselves, reiterating the
principle of Rorschach plates, reactivate the mythological figures
of Auguste Moreau and Jean de Bologne. Others writhe
in an attempt to reach the sky, like the neo-Gothic steeple
“Suppo”, in twisted golden bronze. A monumental inox steel version
of this will be mounted “Au Louvre” until 3 December 2012.


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