Jacky Tsai release: Flying Tiger at Eyestorm Gallery


This week sees the launch of ‘Flying Tiger’, an exclusive new limited edition by Jacky Tsai, whose work is becoming more and more sought-after by the day.

When I first met Jacky Tsai at his Limehouse studio around this time last year, I had no idea his work would turn out to be as popular as it has been since we started representing him.

It began at an Eyestorm event at the Mayfair hotel last May; we were showing a selection of works by a selection of artists from Andy Warhol to Polly Morgan and I wanted to include Jacky’s work to see the response. Since then we haven’t looked back – both of his large-scale print works on silk sold on the opening night which lead to more interest in him as an artist and the past year has seen successful print publications which have been selling regularly, and an inclusion in all of the art fairs we’ve taken part in during the past six months.

So I’m proud today to be talking about our first Eyestorm publication with the artist, Flying Tiger. Pairing perfectly with Surf (published back in October), it shares a similar concept; traditional imagery from Tsai’s native China is merged with western icons and motifs, sometimes fusing together as a ‘westernised’ version of its former self. Chinese clichés such as kung fu and carnival dragons form a narrative with English ballerinas to create a circus fusion of east meets west. Tsai then brings more serious elements of history to the piece with the title; the ‘Flying Tigers’ were a World War II unit of the Chinese Air Force formed of US Army pilots before the American entry into the Second World War, set up to help defend China against Japan. Another example of the coming together of the two cultures.

Alongside the symbolism, a vibrant colour palette brings everything together, something you would expect from the creator of the iconic floral skull image created for Alexander McQueen’s 2008 Menswear collection. What I find valuable about Jacky’s work is that the more you learn about it the more you’re drawn to it. For me a sign of great art by a great artist.

Flying Tiger is available at the pre-publication price of £300+VAT until 5th May 2012.

See more of Jacky’s work here.

Angie Davey
Creative Director


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