Britain unveils 3D art show in Shanghai


Britain unveiled its global 3D art display at the city’s downtown Raffles City Square on Friday to let Chinese look down at many of London’s landmarks.

It was a two-day art installation and is the brainchild of national tourism agency VisitBritain, which has joined up with British Airways and other industry partners in order that people will choose Britain for their next holiday, said VisitBritain’s China Manager Travis Qian.

World renowned 3D street artists Joe Hill and Max Lowry created an illusion at Raffles City Square which enables the public to virtually insert themselves into some of Britain’s best known landmarks.

Hill and Lawry, who teamed up in the summer of 2004, are taking their work out onto the streets in order to make art more accessible and inclusive. For the next five years, they traveled the world creating 3D anamorphic chalk illusions.

“As Britain moves towards 2012, the eyes of the world will be firmly focused on the country and what overseas visitors can experience when they are here,” Qian said.

3D canvases provide an ideal snapshot of some of the things on offer. This is a superb idea which highlights Britain’s history and heritage, its countryside and natural beauty, it’s culture, fashion, sports and a world-class welcome, he said.

It is designed by Hill and Lawry so that viewers can stand on the artworks and emmerse themselves in the pictures. Their art has been used for live events and TV programs and is seen in many pop videos.

The Britain 3D on world tour event is part of the roll out of a $160 million global four-year marketing program to promote tourism to Britain.


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