Galerie Peter Kilchmann now represents Armin Boehm


Galerie Peter Kilchmann proudly announces the collaboration with the artist Armin Boehm. Armin Boehm was born in 1972 in Aachen, Germany. He studied at the National Art Academy in Düsseldorf under the guidance of Konrad Klapheck and was in the master class of Jörg Immendorf. In his thinking and working Boehm incorporates the literary movement of Expressionism, French Existentialism, the philosophical ideas of Martin Heidegger and the theory of quantum mechanics by Werner Heisenberg as well as questions about the human constitution and subjectivity in today’s highly technological society.

Boehm’s paintings are characterized by landscapes, cityscapes and interiors. Through the exploration of the border areas of human perception between enlightened knowledge and archaic unconsciousness Boehm raises irritations at the diffuse borders of human awareness. In his most recent works Boehm focuses on subjective human states of being and the question of the definition and mapping of personhood in today’s society. He uses the poetic potential of painting to profile contradictory states of mind, which at the same time remain unexplained, uncertain and ambivalent. Boehm’s topography of the unspeakable discusses the things immersed in darkness: There are only a few points of light and thus points of reference in his paintings. While the examination of light and darkness is significant for Boehm’s work, his collage technique leads to a haptic image surface, which is rich in texture and marked by the process of overpainting. His paintings have an atmospheric intensity and cause feelings of intimacy and alienation at the same time.

Boehm’s work has been on show in numerous exhibitions, as 2011 in the exhibition “Secret Societies” in Frankfurt and Bordeaux and 2009 in the solo exhibition “The Evil Eye” at Kunstverein Braunschweig.



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