The Shape of Things at the Daniel Katz Gallery


Daniel Katz is pleased to be staging an exhibition of Modernist British

sculpture spanning three decades from 1930 to 1960. This will be the

inaugural exhibition in the new premises of the Daniel Katz Gallery located

at 6 Hill Street in Mayfair, just off Berkeley Square, from Wednesday 4th

June to Friday 18th

The twentieth century presented something genuinely new in British Art;

successive generations of British sculptors working at a consistently high

level of achievement, who were internationally recognized for doing so.

Radical, experimental and constantly looking to move forward, the sculptors

in Britain during the twentieth century and the sculptures they made offer

an incredible perspective on how this most ancient art form has reacted to

its times and continually renewed itself.

The sculptures in this show are drawn largely from the decades either

side of World War II, including works by Moore, Hepworth, Chadwick

and Paolozzi. The aim of the exhibition is to raise questions about the

way in which the British sculptors represented reacted to international

modernist trends, the dislocation caused by the war and its aftermath, and

the regeneration of international awareness that would lead to the point

where the very basic tenets of sculpture would be questioned.

“You see, I think a sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things. A poet is

somebody who is interested in words; a musician is someone who is interested in … sounds.

But a sculptor is a person obsessed with the form and the shape of things, and it’s not just

the shape of any one thing, but the shape of anything and everything. (Henry Moore)”

At the beginning of May 2014 the Daniel Katz Gallery will be moving from

its Old Bond Street premises to a five storey townhouse in the heart of

Mayfair. From here Daniel Katz will continue to offer the very highest level

works of art from antiquity to the modern period.

July 2014.


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