COLE Gallery – London is delighted to present Ian Homeston’s solo show, form October 10, till November 3.


Ian Homerston’s paintings explore the peripheries of painting, employing a means of production that is more akin with a photographic approach than a painterly one. Homerston has always sought to achieve a distance in his work, a distance between the viewer and the work that calls into question the perception of the surface. In previous work he has used a range of chemicals, from solvents, adhesives and detergents, to build and remove surface information.

If the blending of chemicals is suggestive of how a photographic image might be created, then the new body of work takes the process a step further. For this body of work Homerston has used a photographic screen printing emulsion, which is mixed with paint and applied to the canvas surface. Once dry, the surface is covered with a transparent film to which black paint has been applied. This is then exposed to a light source, with the areas on the canvas not covered by the black paint developing under the light. The resulting work represents a negative of the transparent film that was applied to it.

Ian Homerston b. 1984 Truro, UK, lives and works in London, studied at Royal College of Art (2009). Recent exhibitions include Young London, V22 Workspace, London (2011), What If It’s All True? What Then? (Part II), Mummery + Schnelle, London (2011), Needed By Things, Furnished Space, London (2011), New Contemporaries 2010, A Foundation,
Liverpool/ ICA, London (2010), The Drifting Canvas, Cole, London (2010).


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