Joy Wolfenden Brown ‘New Paintings’ | 27th April until 22nd May



20th July until 21st August 2012
There is one of me as there is one of each of us.  I can paint only from myself but I don’t think I paint just for myself. When I start to paint, time as I know it outside of my studio ceases to exist. My studio is my safe home and in its stillness the ‘truths’, the ‘memories’, the essence of what already exists within, are stirred up. T.S. Elliot said: “At the still point of the turning world… at the still point, there the dance is”. I am learning to tune and retune myself to the rhythm of this dance. At times it can take courage to slow down and be still when the world appears to be overtaking and speeding by. I return to painting day after day because I want to be there to record the moments when truth breaks through.’
Joy Wolfenden Brown, 2012
Joy Wolfenden-Brown was born in1961, and studied fine art at the University of Leeds. She went on to study art therapy as a post-graduate at Hertfordshire College of Art & Design and spent ten years working with children and young people in the mental health field, before taking time out as the mother of two boys. Since resuming painting again 12 years ago she has had several sell-out solo exhibitions, as well as features in the Guardian, the Observer and the regional press in Devon and Cornwall. She won the Sherborne Open Prize in 2007 and was shortlisted for the 2009 Chichester painting prize.

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