Loss Exhibition opening 31st May & Talks

31st May – 28th July 2012
Jananne Al-Ani, Annabel Dover, Rozanne Hawksley & Steve McQueen.
Curated in collaboration with IWM (Imperial War Museums)
Conflict and loss are so intrinsically linked that the problem of how to remember, how to memorialise, is ever-present. Being based in Belfast, the Golden Thread Gallery has confronted this problem in relation to Northern Irish issues on many occasions, but Loss, curated in collaboration with IWM (Imperial War Museums), looks at loss, conflict and war as simultaneously personal and common to all.

The iconic Queen and Country, Steve McQueen’s tribute to British Service personnel who died as a result of the Iraq War, embodies the concurrent private and public loss inherent in war. While each stamp is a photographic portrait of an individual who lost their life, an enduring personal memorial, they combine to represent a collective, national loss.


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