Lauren Baker is making waves in the art world


The Lauren Baker Contemporary collaborates with Kinetica to present a special exhibition in Covent Garden, featuring six artists exploring the hidden dimensions of what lies beneath and between our sensory experience. The Invisible Realm is a place devoid of both time & space, a place where our outward perspective disappears from view and the interplay of all that is unseen comes to life. We asked Artist & Curator Lauren Baker several questions after the launch of Invisible Realm. It’s clear that Lauren Baker is making waves in the art world.



Can you tell us more about your collaboration with Kinetica? Is this a one-time event or do you plan to work with them in the future? Do you regularly collaborate?

I’ve been a fan of Kinetica ever since I became a full time Artist 7 years ago. I’m super passionate about collaborating with like-minded souls… whether in the charity, music, fashion or art realms. Recent collaborations include: Save Wild Tigers charity for which I’ve been an ambassador for 5 years; with Kate Simco & the London Electronic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall; with Help Refugees x Catherine Hamnet x Print Club London, to most recently, with the innovative Kinetica Museum.

I see collaborations as ongoing partnerships where people and brands align to support, inspire and create something very special for a higher purpose.

With Kinetica, I wanted to bring some conceptual and experimental art to the heart of London, in my space – Lauren Baker Contemporary at 28 Floral Street, WC2E 9DP.

I loved hosting the Invisible Realm artists: Ivan Black, Bardula, Daniel Chadwick, Dianne Harris and Margaret Michel… creating a visually intriguing space in which each piece uniquely explores hidden dimensions. Dianne Harris (Kinetica Curator + Artist) and I are also exhibiting in an all female show at Sketch until September.

What is your favourite aspect of being part of a group show? As a followup, what is your favourite aspect of participating in The Invisible Realm Exhibition?

Group shows are interesting because the artists interpret the theme differently and the artworks complement or contrast to tell a visual story. It’s an insight into multiple minds on one subject. I loved meeting the other Invisible Realm artists and holding space for everyone.

Which is your favourite art work that you are contributing to the Invisible Realm art show? Can you tell us more about it and the process behind its creation?

‘The Dark Matter’

My recent works explore unseen energy using diamond dust, neon and digitally painted auras on canvas. The Dark Matter is a 1.8×1.8 metre canvas, the centre sphere is an interpretation of a newly discovered planet embellished with black diamond dust, illuminated by a blacked out circular neon light which glows gently brighter to reveal new dimensions and then softly dims into dark space.

Dark matter is defined in cosmology as a hypothetical form of matter that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Dark matter accounts for approximately 80% of the matter within the universe. The Hubble Telescope looked at a thumbnail sized area of space not expecting to find anything, only to reveal thousands and thousands of galaxies. The artwork is inspired by the potential of infinite undiscovered galaxies.

How do you balance the relationship of being a gallery owner and artist?

Less sleep!
I love celebrating creativity in all its forms. I count my blessings daily and pour my energy into creating and collaborating and sharing art. I feel very lucky for this moment in time where I have an artistic space on Floral Street and have the space to create my largest works. I spent a few years as a struggling artist and I’ve worked hard. These days, I’m enjoying the process a lot more and you know.. well things flow much easier when you wake up feeling grateful.

What has been the greatest challenge and, respectively, the greatest success, in opening your own gallery?

Last year end of September I got my gallery space and turned a quick solo show around in 2 weeks and presented during Frieze week. I then did 2 more solo shows back to back with new works monthly… wow that was a crazy time and I look back and just think… SLOW DOWN LAUREN YOU ARE MAD! I have a tendency to jump and fly when I need to practise slow walks! This year I took my time a little, caught up on sleep and Kundalini yoga and developed my light art works in a new direction and am excited to reveal more new works at the end of the summer.

Do you have any exciting projects or collaborations coming up in the future that you can share with us? What would your ideal collaborations be?

Yes I’m really open to exploring collaborations.

My recent work is about interpreting unseen energy – in a visual and sensory way, including sound and vibrations to the artwork. In the future I’m keen to collaborate with musicians and scientists.

I continue to work with Save Wild Tigers charity. I’ve raised £55,000 for this charity and £10,000 for other charities and my goal is to raise £100,000 for charity so I have a lot of work to do.

I am also interested in inspiring and empowering girls and women within the art world, and I’d love to support organisations working against deforestation and environmental issues.

Photo credits:
Save Wild Tigers Ambassadors Jimmy Choo and Lauren Baker
Louie Banks shooting Jamie Winstone with Lauren Baker’s The Crystal Tiger for Save Wild Tigers




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